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"Lets Keep The Environment Clean"

             Hai,Lets spend a few minutes that how the environment is getting affected and various harmful effects caused by that:

Land WastesUsing Plastic Bottles                                                                                                                                              











Putting Wastes in Road


We could see that how we spoil our environment by using Plastics and other waste materials,these affects the human life this:

  • Cause problems in the respiratory system
  • Cause problems on the skin
  • Lead to birth defects
  • Cause various kinds of cancers...

So,how can we avoid this and come over from this and make a clean environment and live a healthy life.So, please follow thses steps:

  • People should be educated and made aware about the harmful effects of littering
  • Items used for domestic purposes ought to be reused or recycled
  • Personal litter should be disposed properly
  • Organic waste matter should be disposed in areas that are far away from residential places
  • Inorganic matter such as paper, plastic, glass and metals should be reclaimed and then recycled...


Steps to be Followed

When we follow these steps we will also make our environment like this and live a health life.Please take forward to keep and make clean and health environment,so that we could give a clean life to our next coming generations......


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